History of the Moscow group "Radogast" began in 2000 when guitarist Volegost made his first attempt to create a musical group for the implementation of creative ideas. After unsuccessful attempts to gather musicians Volegost decided to take the "reins" project in their own hands. In subsequent years the group remained unchanged.

Radogast in mythology - the sun-god of hospitality, trade and harvest, as well as the glory of, imminent military victory and the ruthlessness of the enemy, which, according to the author, is very symbolic and fully reflects the essence of the Slav spirit of antiquity.

"Radogast" is Pagan metal, which combines a variety of traditions in metal music. Attempts to use various combinations of guitar technique and vocal, keyboard background of folk motifs to symphonic passages, acoustic interludes and instrumental compositions.

The lyrics are based on ancient beliefs, customs, culture and other similar topics. The fundamental point is the Russian-speaking lyrics, which include obsolete and now rarely used words and expressions.

"... Otherwise it is impossible to transmit that identity, colorful images and atmosphere of Ancient russian Culture, which is the basis of inspiration!", - considers Volegost.




2000. The base group. The original demo recording, the preparation of their debut album. Major musical priorities are aimed at the melodic component, mostly "clean" vocals, medium tempo music.

2002. Completed writing tracks full length album. In connection with experiencing technical difficulties delayed entry. In the period from July to November is prepared to write a new, stylistically different from the original material, recording of which was completed by the end of the year. Their debut album, titled "Futark" was submitted by a rapid and technically melodic black metal, the lyrics of which are based on mythology of the ancient Scandinavians. Each track corresponds to the first letters of the traditional Norwegian runic system and describes the chain of successive mythological events.

2003. A series of difficult events in the life of the author made the complete cessation of musical activity.

2004. After a year's break the resumption of musical activity. As a session musician Volegost involved in several musical groups.

2005. Work on the material in 2000, which was substantially completed, amended and supplemented by arrangements. Basic musical concepts, it was decided to leave intact. Second full-length album "Bit' Seche " was presented predominantly melodic Slavonic pagan metal with lyrics based on the beliefs and customs of the Slavic armies of Ancient Rus.

2006. At the end of the year made substantial technical and hardware re-recording studio.

2008. Participation Volegost as a session guitarist in a friendly pagan metal project "Liho", writing drum tracks, rehearsal activity.

2009. Work has begun on a new musical material.

The history continues ...