The history of the Moscow project "Radogast" began in the distant 2000, when its only participant Volegost for the first time made a decision to realize his musical ideas.

Radogast in mythology is the solar God of hospitality, trade and harvest, as well as military glory and military victory. According to the author, such a symbol well embodies the Old Slavic culture, which became the basis for creative inspiration.

The musical component of the project is melodic and combines various tendencies of heavy music with traditional and folk motifs, keyboard parts and acoustic interludes.

Lyrics is based on Slavic and Scandinavian mythologies, ancient superstitions, customs and culture, and the lyrics include obsolete and rarely used words and sayings.




The history continues ...

2009. Work has begun on a new musical material.

2008. Volegost's participation as a session guitarist in the "Liho" pagan metal project, composing drum parts, rehearsal activities.

2006. Technical and hardware re-equipment of the recording studio.

2005. Work on 2000 material resumed. It was decided to leave the main musical ideas in their original form, however, the arrangements were significantly changed. The second full-length album "Bit' Seche" stylistically presented the melodic Pagan metal with lyrics based on the beliefs and customs of the Slavic armies of Ancient Russia. Dedicated to the Ancestors, whose voice of blood, strength of mind and bravery for centuries defended their native land from enemies.

2004. The resumption of the musical activities of the project after a year break. As a session musician, Volegost participates in third-party musical groups.

2003. Suspending the musical activities of the project due to difficult life circumstances.

2002. Songwriting for the full-length album was completed, however, due to technical difficulties, the recording was postponed. In the period from July to November, a new material was written, significantly different stylistically from the original. The recording of debut album "Futark" was completed at the end of the year. Stylistically, the album was represented by the dynamic Melodic black metal, whose lyric basis was Old Norse mythology. According to the author, each composition corresponds to the first letters of the traditional Norwegian runic system and describes a chain of mythological events.

2000. Foundation year of the project. Initial demo recordings, debut album preparation. The main musical priorities are focused on the melodic component, mainly "clean" vocals, average musical tempo.